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Need assistance with FSCD?

Come any Wednesday Afternoon or Evening!

Wednesday afternoons (2-5pm) Drop-in – registration is optional.

Eventbrite - Advocacy Drop In - Every Wed 2-5pm

or Wednesday Evening starting Sept 6 (7-9pm) Registration is required. (if the session must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances all registered participants will be notified through the contact information provided.)

Eventbrite - Advocacy Drop In - Select Wednesdays 7-9pm

The purpose of these group based drop in sessions is to assist Autism Calgary members to better understand the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program from a community perspective. This time is for families of children (0-18 years of age) to receive information and assistance with requesting, securing, and seeking out appropriate home and community based services for their family. We will handle individual questions in a group format to allow us all to learn from each other.

Where: Autism Calgary Office **new address** – 3639 26th Street NE Calgary map

The following is only a small sample of the situations or questions that we can help you with:

  • Things are great, our FSCD caseworker has given us a generous contract. We want to learn how families use FSCD supports to improve the quality of life.
  • Our request for funding in an area of support has been declined, we want to learn from other families before considering challenging this decision.
  • We have been told that certain FSCD supports are only granted to children of a certain age, is this true?
  • We are unable to find a caregiver with the rates offered by the FSCD, is it possible to have these rates increased?
  • Given our family situation, we cannot be present for all hours of intervention therapy, for that reason we have been told we are ineligible for support. We wish to challenge this decision, how do we start?
  • The professionals providing services to our family recommend another year of the same services, however our caseworker leads us to believe that we may not be approved. How do we advocate for the appropriate services for our family?
  • Should I sign an FSCD contract when I don’t agree with the terms?
  • Things are in a crisis in our home and/or the school, we are in urgent need for more supports, how do we impress upon the urgency to our FSCD caseworker?
  • How do you find qualified people to support your child and/or family?
  • We want to learn about the tools available to us to challenge an FSCD decision (the local conflict resolution process, mediation, the Review of an FSCD Decision form, and formal provincial appeal hearings.)
  • FSCD representatives have not made a decision on the contract, however the prior contract has expired and we have no services in place – What can we do?