Educational Presentations

We are thrilled to be able to provide Community, School and Employee/Employer presentations thanks to our wonderful volunteer Presentations Coordinator and our dedicated volunteer presenters.

Our presenters offer an introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The presentation will focus on such things as:

  • What is ASD? What does it feel like to have ASD?
  • Common challenges and strengths of individuals with ASD
  • How can I assist individuals with ASD? How can I be a good friend/co-worker/etc?
  • How can I help someone with ASD during a difficult situation?
  • Myths about ASD

The presentations strive to normalize ASD and to encourage the audience to think of individuals with ASD as unique individuals. Some important points we emphasize in this regard include:

  • If you know of one person with ASD, you know one person with ASD
  • Not underestimating a person with ASD
  • Being positive
  • Minimizing fear of the unknown
  • That we all can relate

Our dedicated team of volunteers organize and conduct the presentations – many of which are parents or grandparents of individuals with ASD with valuable lived experiences.

If you would like to move forward and have Autism Calgary provide a presentation, we will need to know who we will be presenting to and how many people.  We would then coordinate with the presenter and finalize a time and date with all parties involved.

We would also like to mention that our presentations do come at a cost to us, and we would therefore suggest a minimum donation of $150.00, whenever possible.  However, should this present a hardship, we would still gladly provide the presentation, as we are committed to this important cause.

To request a Community, School or Employee/Employer presentation please complete the form below: